At Smith Engineering we provide a design & build solution to a clients requirements. These case studies demonstrate the broad variety and scope of projects within our capability.
Off Road Mobility vehicle for less able persons

Smith Engineering was contacted by a client seeking a design & build solution to off road mobility.
The client wished to be able to visit parts of the nearby Lake District that had previously been impossible to access due to a disability. Smith Engineering was able to liase with the client to produce a purpose built vehicle capable of satisfying their needs.

The vehicle is capable of a top speed of 20mph, but more critically has impecable low speed manouvarbility and a low noise signiture.
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Airport Security

Case Study coming soon!

Mine clearance mulcher operation in Namibia
Based on a BV206 all terrain troop transport vehicle, Smith Engineering was engaged to produce a rapid response ATV for mine clearance in Namibia (SW Africa) by the German de-mining charity MGM.
The vehicle was retrofitted with a 50 hp diesel hydraulic power unit driving a 1.2 m brush cutter and arm with a 30 sq m cutting capability from a fixed position. The brush cutter clears undergrowth and has the ability to shatter & destroy any tree-borne mines.
95% of anti-personel mines disintegrate without detonation when impacted by the rotor, 5mm armour plate shield the operator and vehicle from detonated mine fragments. Elevated working area protects operator with 8mm thick polycarbonate.
Manned Casualty Recovery Vehicle

Vehicle designed from brief for a vehicle capable of recoverying upto 2 casualties from a rough terrain locati0n to safety.
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Client Case Studies
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